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  • How long will my hair appointment last?
    Depending on what you are getting done to your hair, appointments can last from 1 - 4 hours. If you would like one colour coverage, it would usually take around 45min for the colour to process and set. This also depends on the length of your hair. For services like foiling, balayage and ombre: These will last around 3 - 4 hours to give you the best results.
  • How often should I be washing my hair?
    All hair types are different so it is important to know what your type is. We recommend you not to wash your hair everyday as this can dry your scalp and strip away your hairs natural oils. However, if you do suffer with oily roots, using shampoo everyday can help to reduce this. For the most common types of hair, it is known to wash it every 3 days. For those with a drier hair type, you may consider washing every once a week.
  • What kind of shampoo and conditioner should I be using?
    We recommend using the SensUs hair range as it caters to all hair types. The ingredients within these products are proven to support damage to the hair like dull or flat hair, discolouration, dehydration, hair loss and many more. This shampoo and conditoner is designed to stimulate hair growth and protect the colour of your hair. It will leave your hair feeling moisturised and endless shine throughout the week. It also includes an anti-yellow effect interlocking the colour of your hair.
  • What is the biggest mistake when shampooing your hair?
    Although it seems like common sense, a lot of people are unaware of this mistake. In order for shampoo to work effectively and to its fullest, you will need to wet your whole entire head. You should use a 50p size amount of shampoo and run it through your whole wet head focusing on your scalp. Another mistake made is also using shampoo once. It is recommended to do two rounds of shampoo. The first round is to remove oils and dirt in your hair and the second is to smooth and repair your hair leaving it feeling revitalised.
  • Should I be worried about hair thinning?
    Hair thinning can affect anyone whether you are a male or female. It can be due to multiple different reasons so it is best to seek advise from an expert. These are just a few causes for hair loss; - Stress - Diet - Heat damage - Medical condition - Tight hairstyles e.g. buns
  • Is there anything that can grow my hair faster?
    There is no specific technique that can be used to increase hair growth. However, you may want to change your diet plan and eat the right sorts of food to keep your hair healthy and to its fullest potential. Alternatively, there are multivitamin tablets that you can take to support the health of your hair. This can be equivalent to eating meats, nuts and diary products.
  • How can I make my hair look shiny?
    Avacado oil is a great substitute to making your hair shiny as avacado is enriched with vitamins and proteins that is beneficial for your hair. You can also make your own hair mask so you know what exactly you are putting on your hair. Use one avacado, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, a whole banana and one egg. Blend all these ingredients together to make a very rich and moisturising mask. Make sure the mixure is mixed properly and there is no lumps. Apply mixure to your hair for 10 minutes and then use shampoo and co nditioner as normal.
  • How do I prevent split ends?
    Before having a shower, make sure to cover your split ends with a layer of conditioner so that moisture is locked within your hair. This technique helps to prevent shampoo from drying your hair out. Also, make sure to get regular trims around every 6 weeks. This eliminates split ends and keeps the ends of your hair healthy and new again.
  • What blow dryer should I be using and how do I use it properly?
    We recommend you using the Cloud Nine Blow Dryer as it has advanced features that enhance your experience. It is different from other hair dryers as it includes variable temperature control, ceramic infused heating, anti-static technology etc. You can check out the Cloud Nine range to see more of its benefits. In terms of blow drying your hair, aim to keep the distance between the dryer and your hair at about an inch apart. This will reduce the chances of over heating your hair which can potentially make you lose hair.
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